CHEMIUM INTERNATIONAL is a hydrocarbon feed stock, petrochemicals and fuels trading organization that came into existence in the year 2001.

Who We Are

With a team of highly qualified and capable personnel that have had extensive experience within this industry, Chemium International offers services of unparalleled quality globally. Over the last decade, Chemium International has developed relationships with leading petroleum, petroleum derived and petrochemical entities across the world, gaining a respectable foothold within the industry.

Worldwide Reach
Philosophy and Commitment
Worldwide Reach

Since our inception, Chemium International has grown significantly, to become one of the world’s most reputed hydrocarbon trading organizations. We have become leading players in the industry, using a unique ability to create and establish long-lasting alliances with suppliers and customers around the world, through the support of our affiliated offices present in Europe and Asia. We also benefit hugely from a large network of exclusive agents in Europe, Asia, South Africa, and the Middle East.

Chemium International’s success has been achieved within the industry through strong backing from multiple financial institutions. Through these banking institutions, Chemium International has been able to fulfill the wide-ranging needs of both, our customers as well as our suppliers.

Here at Chemium International, business is entirely dependent on the alliances we have cultivated with the most technologically advanced, forward-thinking, and leading organizations across the globe. Through carefully structured, strategic geographic swaps, physical and synthetic processing, and forward hedging mechanisms, we have enabled trade-flows that are mutually beneficial to customers and suppliers. In this way, all our suppliers and customers around the world benefit from increased value addition.

Our Philosophy and Commitment

Our business philosophy is hinged upon a firm commitment to quality. We understand that in order to thrive within this mature and well established industry, establishing strategic networks and channels is vital. As a result, we have spent the entire life of the company putting in place multiple agreements and contracts that display our dedication to our clients and suppliers.

Of all the agreements, our toll-processing agreements are the most important. In addition, we also have structured agreements with multiple petroleum refineries, petrochemical industries and gasoline blenders in the East and Gulf coasts of the United States.

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