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Setting a standard in the Hydrocarbon Industry

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Who We Are and What We Do

Chemium International is a global, integrated trading company that deals with the buying and selling of crude oil condensates, naphthas, distillates, gasoline components, petrochemicals, and thermoplastic resins. Since its inception in the year 2001 has devoted its activities to the hydrocarbons trading and processing activities, been fully committed in expanding its operations and increasing market share.

Our Philosophy

At Chemium International, we adopt a business philosophy that is founded on principles of integrity and professionalism. Having been in the business for a significant period, we have developed key worldwide relationships with a number of valued customers and suppliers, managed by a network of exclusive agents located in different continents. These agents are fundamental in the creation of a sophisticated matrix of market intelligence for all products Chemium International is directly or indirectly involved with.


Setting a standard in the industry

We believe that in order to thrive in an industry such as this, it is important to cultivate long-lasting and fulfilling relationships with our suppliers and clients based on mutual understanding and responsibility.

Maximum Benefit

We are always looking to assist our suppliers and customers with creative and innovative commercial, financial and logistic structures that enable them to extract the maximum benefit from every spot or contractual transaction.

Standard of Quality

Having turned ourselves into one of the most reputed hydrocarbon traders in the world, we are looking to set the standard of quality in the market, rather than live up to one.

Increased Value

Chemium International has built its entire reputation on structuring business transactions that offer increased value to our suppliers, while simultaneously optimizing value, efficiency, and cost to our customers.

Regardless of what hydrocarbon products we sell, we ensure that there is always seamless interaction between our suppliers, our own commercial, logistic and financial departments and our customers.