Chemium Headquarters

3773 Richmond Ave Suite 600
Houston, TX 77046, USA

Tel: 713 622 7766 | Fax: 713 622 0331



Chemium Suisse Office

Place de la Fusterie 7
1204 Genève, Switzerland

Tel: + 41 22 737 1330 // Fax: +41 22 737 1333



Chemium Singapore Office

138 Market Street,
#24-01 CapitaGreen,
Singapore 048946, Singapore

Tel: 65 6222 0081 // Fax: 65 6222 0082


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We Are

handshake icon Our Global Reach
and Alliances

It is important for us to have strong ground operations across several borders to ensure that we maintain a deep understanding of different market segments and their specific business practices. It is also imperative for us to learn of the commercial, fiscal and legislative frameworks that surround these markets. A thorough understanding of these factors facilitates a smooth business relationship between our customers, suppliers and ourselves.

We take pride in the fact that we have developed a number of alliances with globally recognized, leading entities in the hydrocarbons industries, who respect us for our integrity and professionalism.

We, at Chemium International, conduct most of our operations from our headquarters in Houston, Texas. However, the nature of our business calls for a need to have a Chemium International subsidiary in Geneva Switzerland (Chemium International (Suisse) S.A) and an affiliate office in Asia.

Chemium International maintains an extensive network of exclusive agents who, in addition to developing commercial relationships with customers and suppliers, are adept at gathering marketing intelligence and economic data that allow us to hedge risks and provide services of unmatched quality.

“Chemium International is a hydrocarbons trading organization that has been present in the industry since 2001.
We are a global enterprise that deals with a diverse range of suppliers and buyers.”

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